Scan Your Grocery Receipts and Earn!
Scan and earn!
With Fetch Rewards you can earn points from your receipts!
How does it work:
  1. Scan your grocery receipts wherever you shop.
  2. Earn points on thousands of products every time they appear on your receipt.
  3. Redeem your points for your choice of hundreds of available rewards.

Personally I redeem my points for Amazon gift cards. 3000 points = $3 Amazon gift card. I have redeemed at least 5 gift cards so far 👍

Download the app, use code: D8CXJ and then scan your first receipt and get a free 2000 points PLUS however many points that receipt earns you!

"Fetch Rewards works directly with popular brands to bring you everyday savings on thousands of products throughout any grocery store. You can earn points and save without jumping through hoops. Buy what you want, where you want, and save." 

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Use Code: D8CXJ to get a free 2000 points!