Loyalty Program Upgrade

Tuesday (9/ 25) we updated our loyalty program. You are now able to earn and redeem loyalty points online.

Don't worry, nothing changed with the points you earned in-store, they're still there. Some of you may have received an email stating, "you've created a new customer account at Keuka Outlet. All you have to do is activate it." This is an account on our online store.

  • You can either disregard the email
  • Or you can activate the account

By activating the account you will be able to:

  1. Earn points for online orders
  2. Earn bonus points for online tasks (eg. liking on Facebook)
  3. Redeem rewards and use them online
  4. Check your loyalty point balance online

Without an account you can still:

  • Earn and redeem points in-store
  • Receive a birthday reward
  • Receive an email once you've unlocked a reward

*If you signed up for our loyalty program in-store and already filled out your profile (birthday, gender and phone #), you will not need to fill that info again. Within the next couple days, that info will be in your profile if it's not already.

**If you choose not to activate the account you can contact us at any time to get your loyalty point balance. Choose one of the many ways to contact us:

  1. Message us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter
  2. Live chat online (Tue - Sat 9-5)
  3. Text or call us at 585-743-0128 (Tue - Fri 10-7; Sat 10-6)
  4. We can also look up your balance while you're in-store (Tue - Sat 9-5)

Enjoy the new ways to earn points!