We have officially started our loyalty program! 
For the time being it is for in-store only. In the coming months we will add it to our online store so you can both earn and redeem in-store and online.
The details of the program:
-You will earn 1 point for every $1 you spend
 Reward tiers:
 -125 points - $10 reward
 -250 points - $25 reward
 -500 points - $60 reward
From time to time we'll run promotions through the loyalty program, so be sure to check your emails from us.
When you collect enough points to unlock a reward you will be sent the reward by email and can claim it. IPhone users will have the option to add the reward to Apple Wallet. Rewards are available to be used for 14 days after being claimed.
Along with the loyalty program, we have also started a referral program.
When you refer a friend, you collect 20 points when that friend makes their first purchase at our store. All they have to do is give their name or email at the checkout in-store. You can refer friends from our loyalty emails or from the customer portal, under the 'invite friends' tab