Element Aquamarine 1/2 Large Fire Pit Glass, 10 lbs

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Element Aquamarine 1/2 Large Fire Pit Glass, 10 lbs
Enhance the heat with this Element Aquamarine 1/2" Large Fire Pit Glass. It's visually attractive and treated to withstand high temperatures repeatedly. This fireplace glass will transform the look of your indoor or outdoor space easily. It has a unique look and goes into gas units as a solid replacement to fake logs. The pieces radiate heat effectively and can help improve the warmth of your space as well. Fire shimmers and lights up this glass, creating a cool effect that makes it a fun and attractive investment. It has a blue tint to it and is guaranteed to be a permanent solution when put in properly. This glass for a fireplace could be just the thing that you need to enhance your home. Dazzle your guests and lighten up a space by adding this item to your unit. 
Element Aquamarine 1/2" Large Fire Pit Glass:
  • Heat-treated to withstand temperatures produced in a fire unit powered by propane or natural gas
  • Treated for easy handling and installation
  • Large 1/2" chunks radiate more heat than your common lava rock or fake logs and are guaranteed permanent when installed correctly
  • Aquamarine colored glass for fireplace
  • Brings an element of color to a fireplace

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