Dynotag Web/GPS Enabled QR Code Smart Medical and Emergency Contact Information Charm Bracelet Kit with 5 Movable Charms & Loop Chain

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Dynotag Web/GPS Enabled QR Code Smart Medical and Emergency Contact Information Charm Bracelet Kit with 5 Movable Charms & Loop Chain

One NEVER knows when important information will be needed in an emergency situation.

  • Do you remember your doctor’s contact info, your insurance info, supplements or medicines you are taking, any chronic conditions or allergies?
  • Do your loved ones have all this information on them?
  • How will First Responders get access to this vital information if you are not conscious?
  • Do you have important procedural consent documents ready?
  • How will you know when a loved one’s emergency information is viewed?
  • Can you keep your basic information available and sensitive information secure?
  • Can you easily update this information as often as you need to?

Dynotag has you covered with an extensive selection of tough, purpose built, ready-to-use Emergency Contact Information (ECI) products, enabled with Dynotag’s rich set of features.

This product features our 22mm Steel Emergency Information Tag with a lobster clasp.

To ensure your satisfaction, dynotags come with lifetime replacements of the ECI Charm Tag offered directly from Dynotag, Inc. - included with your purchase. Also included is membership in our "Good Samaritan Rewards" program, providing incentives to good samaritans.


Peace Of Mind With Protection That's Tough, Maintenance-Free and Works For You 7/24!

Dynotag Web/GPS Enabled QR Code Smart Medical and Emergency Contact Information Charm Bracelet Kit with 5 Movable Charms & Loop Chain


Featuring our patented Smart Tag Technology, dynotags are designed & assembled in the U.S. and manufactured of premium materials to high standards.

This bracelet is made of metal components and is waterproof.
  • Adjustable loop bracelet with lobster clasp fits all! Keep your vital info ready for first responders!
  • Included is a 8.66 inch (22 cm) one-size-fits-all loop chain bracelet that easily adjusts from younger wrists to adult wrists - thanks to its lobster clasp that can engage any loop in the chain. 
  • Includes ONE ECI charm tag - 22mm steel disc with protective coating, for one person. 
  • All charms, including the ECI charm are attached with lobster clasps and can be relocated on the bracelet - and even can be moved to an existing chain or bracelet you already have. 
These amazingly capable Smart Emergency Information Tags offer much more than an ordinary ID tag - you get a complete Emergency Information Management System!  We have worked with First Response Specialists to engineer these tags to meet and exceed Amber Alert information maintenance requirements!
You can start with basic vital information on your tag, then add more complete documents (we supply suggested templates) and update them over time as your needs change. You can keep the tag itself passworded and even add individual passwords for each file you load into your tag.
Dynotags come with advanced features built-in and with service included for LIFE.
  • All our tags feature a specially encoded QR code and a special web address that is unique for that tag. Note that any modern web browser can be used to view the tag contents - NO special app is needed!
  • You simply create your free dynotag account and click "Activate Tag" in your account - with the  tag's specific "Activation Code". Once activated,  the tag becomes exclusively yours and cannot be activated by anyone else!
  • Only you, the tag owner, can update the tag contents. Others can only view what you choose to share.   
  • The QR code is just a convenience shortcut. If available, any QR scanner app on a smartphone can be used to scan the QR code to quickly view the tag contents on that smartphone's web browser.
  • Global service. Works anywhere on the planet with Internet.
  • Update anytime, anywhere, as often as you need. You do not have to be in the vicinity of your tag to update its contents, just sign into your Dynotag account and update your tag content.
This product comes with GOLD level functionality.  Advanced, industry leading capabilities such as GPS assisted tag view locations in your tag access logs and map, multilevel access control using passwords of your choice,  automatic email notification on tag view, vanity tag address you can set  and flexible log book note attachment services are  included with this GOLD level dynotag product.
LIFETIME subscription and ample storage is included in your purchase. NO hidden subscriptions - no monthly or annual recurring subscription plan is required.

Developed in cooperation with law enforcement and emergency response experts, all dynotags offer advanced security features that include  enabling/disabling of the tag by the owner, password protection of the tag information as directed by the owner, as well as password protection of individual files uploaded into the tag.

Get Protection in Multiple Ways

With Dynotag's technology, you can set up multiple tags to share information of an existing "primary" tag in your collection. We call this the “clone tag” capability.  For instance, many users get an ECI Card Kit and a ECI Military Style Pendant, and set the pendant to use the same info in the Card Kit.   This way, there is only one set of information to maintain. As a matter of fact, you can set up an unlimited number of tags as a “clone” of an existing tag in your collection. 

Pick From Multiple Designs!

We have prepared a variety of Smart Emergency Contact Information Tag designs for you to pick from!

  • Wallet / Mini Card Kits
  • Mini Card Sets
  • Military Style Pendants
  • Wristband Metal Tags on a NATO style strap
  • Metal Charm Tag for your existing charm bracelet or jewelry
  • Round Coated Metal tag with lobster clasp
  • Vehicle Windshield Tag
  • T- Shirts for toddlers and young kids
  • New styles are added regularly…

Be prepared! No loved one should be without a Dynotag Smart Emergency Information Tag!


Does NOT Contain any Electronics, Radio - or Batteries. How Does it Work?

Dynotag Web/GPS Enabled QR Code Smart Medical and Emergency Contact Information Charm Bracelet Kit with 5 Movable Charms & Loop Chain


Dynotags are passive, meaning that they do NOT contain a battery, electronics, radio, etc. to work - they are maintenance free! This is because the Dynotag Cloud Service (DCS) does all the "brain" work for the tags!

Location tracking works using the electronics of the smartphone or computer viewing the tag:

  • Any device viewing the tag content is requested by DCS to report its location.

  • Smartphones have detailed awareness of their location at all times, with GPS assist and other location services - so they can share precise location information.

  • A "view notification" email is sent to the tag owner within seconds of the tag getting viewed.

  • An access log of tag views and location information is kept for the tag owner to privately review when they log into their dynotag account and examine the tag.

  • If the viewer of the tag can not share precise location, access time and IP address are still logged and location is roughly estimated - and the “view notification” email is sent.

Please note that first responders, security and transportation service staff are required by law to give their best effort to contact you using the information in the tag. A dynotag provides the first responders with vital information to administer proper help and get in touch with the contacts listed in the tag.

You can think of dynotag Smart Tags primarily as a maintenance free (no batteries, no electronics) repository of information you can easily share, password protect and and update as needed. With lifetime service included for the tag, dynotags are a cost effective way to be prepared and have Peace of Mind, knowing you planned for contingencies.


Load Just Basic Contact and Health Information - and/or a Full Medical Documentation Set!

Dynotag Web/GPS Enabled QR Code Smart Medical and Emergency Contact Information Charm Bracelet Kit with 5 Movable Charms & Loop Chain

With a Dynotag Emergency Contact Information tag, you get:

  • A professionally designed, High Quality Tag that contains vital information when you are in an emergency situation  Basic information you can load includes:
    1. Your photo
    2. Phone number, email or other contact methods for your loved ones to be notified.
    3. Vital Medical Information: Full name, physician, hospital, date of birth, blood type, allergies/medications
    4. “Notification email address" to determine who will be automatically notified when someone views your tag!
  • Automatic email notification when your Smart Emergency Info Tag is viewed, with precise location coordinates when available, as a google maps link…  A complete access log of all views of your tag is kept by the dynotag system for the tag owner to review on demand.
  • Multiple Health and information documents you can upload anytime, such as detailed test reports, medical visit history, lab tests, med procedures and more.
  • An indestructible repository to store your medical history and records, with password security as you see fit.
  • A “Log Book”, which enables authorized persons to add notes to your “Emergency Info Tag”
  • Several ready-to-use template documents to pick from – that you can easily use / update / load into your tag.
  • A “Vanity Name” also known as an alias. This lets you get a memorable name for your smart  tag, such as JohnDoe instead of remembering  tag ID 1000-1443 for instance...
  • You can keep a log of your significant events (doctor visits, procedures, etc.) in a logbook that is part of the tag. 
  • Dynotags economically offer all these and many more capabilities for life yet require no recurring payments – subscription for LIFE is included with the purchase.


Pick From Our Extensive Selection Of Smart Tags: "Good Samaritan Rewards" AND "Shelter Angel" Programs Provide Rewards on Your Behalf!

Dynotag Web/GPS Enabled QR Code Smart Medical and Emergency Contact Information Charm Bracelet Kit with 5 Movable Charms & Loop Chain


About Us

Dynotag is a consumer technology company based in Seattle, WA. We have been offering consumers and businesses instant-on global solutions based on our patented Web Enabled Smart Tag technology since 2011

All our products are designed and manufactured to our specifications. Final assembly and test is performed in the U.S. Our core cloud service infrastructure is based in the U.S.


Dynotag Web/GPS Enabled QR Code Smart Medical and Emergency Contact Information Charm Bracelet Kit with 5 Movable Charms & Loop Chain

Largest Selection of Smart Tags

We have been designing, building and advancing our offerings for years, with satisfied customers all around the planet...

Dynotag has the largest variety of shapes, sizes and materials, suitable for all your Smart Tag needs.

Whether you need property tags, asset stickers, pet tags or emergency information tags for your loved ones, Dynotag has a smart tag that meets your needs.


Dynotag Web/GPS Enabled QR Code Smart Medical and Emergency Contact Information Charm Bracelet Kit with 5 Movable Charms & Loop Chain


Every Purchase Helps Pets In Need...

Shelter Angel” Is a charity  program is funded by a portion of proceeds from Dynotag's product sales.

Our goal is to help increase pet shelter adoptions by giving new adopters a FREE Dynotag Super Pet Tag and increasing the awareness for millions of pets waiting to get adopted from pet shelters...

Your Dynotag Has a Built-in Reward

Our “Good Samartian” program rewards those who help you using your dynotag, by providing them with a complimentary dynotag and a “Thank You” letter on your behalf - at no cost to you!

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