Monster MBL CLNKIT-SM Screen Clean Mini - Traditional Packaging

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Your vision is clear. The displays for your portable electronics were designed to give you clean, convenient viewing of images and information. Unfortunately, portable electronics get dirty quickly when you're on the go. Monster® ScreenClean™ removes dust, dirt, fingerprints and more, so your display can be as clear and bright as possible, no matter where you are. Handle with Care Clean your displays safely. The ScreenClean alcohol-free, ammonia-free solution and special Microfiber™ cloth gently polishes your electronic displays without scratching or damaging their protective coatings. And unlike ordinary glass cleaners, ScreeClean won't drip into delicate electronics. Plus, the ScreenClean solution is specially formulated to reduce the static electricity that attracts dust. ScreenClean to Go Easy cleaning on the road. With the Monster ScreenClean Portable display Cleaning Kit, you get one travel-size Screen Clean bottle and special Microfiber™ cleaning cloth, so all your portable electronic displays can stay free of dust, fingerprints and streaks.

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