ORB Slimi Cafe Jameez Bluebellicious

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Squeeze, spread, and layer Bluebellicious Jameez on to your ORB Slimi Café creations! With this unique topping you can customize your specially formulated ORB Soft’n Slo Squishies™, making designs as unique as you are. By pairing another ORB Slimi Café Toppings with Jameez, your slimi, squishy masterpieces will be even more extravagant!
  • Jam-like texture spreads on squishys
  • Toppings and squishys separate for multiple uses
  • One of four topping textures available
  • Pair two toppings with each squishy for maximum fun (each sold separately)
  • Separate toppings after use and store in package to maintain freshness

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