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The Quick Chop is the fast, easy way to chop, mince slice and dice with just a tap. Quick Chop is faster than a knife and easier than a processor. When you're done, just run it under the faucet. The Quick Chop will cut your kitchen time in half! Place your favorite vegetables under the Quick Chop, give it a tap and you can have finely shredded cabbage for cole slaw. Tap again and instantly chop celery and carrots for a tasty stir-fry. One tap easily cuts potatoes for home fries. Everybody knows garlic can be a pain to chop, but not anymore. With Quick Chop you can even leave the peel on. Just give it a tap, remove the peel and you're left with fresh garlic, peeled, chopped and ready to use. When you tap on the Quick Chop, six carbon steel blades slice your food perfectly. As they retract, they rotate so the next time you tap down the blades chop in a completely different area. Place an onion in the Quick Chop, tap twice and you have onions perfect for burgers. Tap again and you have diced onions for soups or stews. Tap again and enjoy finely minced onions. And all without tears! Quick Chop is perfect for pecans, almonds and walnuts. It's even strong enough to crush ice! Included with the Quick Chop is the amazing Folding Chopping Board. Use your Quick chop right on top, fold the board and pour your ingredients right into the pan with no mess and no waste.

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