Spin Master 57-Pieces Marbles Brain Workshop Stomple Game

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Stomp your way into family game night with a fun-filled game of Stomple! It’s marble-stomping madness as you knock out marbles to knock your opponents out of the game. First, each player chooses a colored Stomper playing piece. Roll all the marbles onto the game board to fill each hole. Take turns “stomping” the marbles through the holes. Which marbles can you stomp? Stomp out any marble that is adjacent to your Stomper either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Or stomp out a string of marbles of the same color that are adjacent to each other. Or hop to another marble that matches your colored Stomper and stomp it out. Stomp, stomp, stomp…as more marbles fall through the holes, don’t get trapped with no marbles around your Stomper or you’re out! Outstomp your competition and be the last Stomper standing to win! Stomple is a fun strategy game for kids aged 8 and up—roll it out for your next game night! Stomple Game by Marbles Brain Workshop, Fun Strategy Game for Kids Aged 8 and Up

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