Some (Good) Changes

Some (Good) Changes

When we first opened our online store,, we did it to offer our local customers a way to view our inventory online. So, the online prices were the same as our in-store prices. We are currently in the process of changing that up a bit since it's growing outside of just being there for our local customers. In the past couple of months, there have been orders from all over the US.

That being said, going forward all our online prices will be higher than in-store. We want to provide our local customers with the lowest possible prices for our products. You're shopping in-store so would you want to pay more to compensate for online expenses like shipping and returns? We didn't think so!

We hope to add the ability to view the in-store price of an item online. Until that function is added, you can message us about any item shown on our online store and we'll let you know the in-store price.

Wanna order online but pick up in store?
Well, you can and with the in-store prices! Message us the SKU(s) and we'll send you an invoice and you can purchase online and then pick it up at your convenience.
There are quite a few payment options online: Amazon pay, Apple pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and all major credit cards.

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